Elf on the Shelf: FAIL

Last year, like many other families, we started the “Elf on the Shelf” tradition. Not sure what I was thinking, really. We were living in a hotel (had just relocated from NC to WA) and for some grand reason I thought that adding yet another item (daily item, at that!) to our holiday traditions was a good idea.

Because, you know, having to cook/clean/care for 4 children, do Christmas crafts, keep ornaments out of baby mouths, visit all the fancy light displays possible, photograph every little special holiday moment for our December Daily album (which still is not finished, by the way…) is certainly not enough, right?


It was fun at first. Really fun. Til real life kicked in. Til we got our new house and there was boxes everywhere all month long. Til I would wake up and panic if I forgot to move Snowflake before going to bed – because heaven forbid my girls see him in the same place, that would take his magical appeal away, wouldn’t it? Til I found myself literally stressed out about coming up with some fun, unique idea to bring silly giggles out of my girls.

Making children giggle should not stress you out.

There were days that were skipped that I was literally thinking “ugh, I won’t have a photo for that day in our DD album”. Come on, Marcy Kay, that’s just silly.

This year the girls asked about Snowflake, our beloved (boy) elf. I said I wasn’t sure when he would show up, because honestly at that moment I had hoped they would just forget about him. I didn’t want a visit from this stupid little elf this year. I didn’t want them telling him what they wanted for Christmas, because I’ve decided to do Christmas alot different this year & won’t be going all out like we usually do.

So here it is, December 6th, and Snowflake remains in his cute little overpriced box.

A friend of mine posted on facebook a link to this blog – Elf on the Shelf Jesus Style. And ya know what? It intrigues me. I love the idea of using this small little magical Elf to bring joy to my girls by also helping them to learn about the real reason for Christmas. I think I will dust Snowflake off and put him to good use this Sunday ;)

So, now that I have shared my holiday tradition failures, I will leave you with some photos of some of Snowflake’s mischief last year. Maybe you can find some inspiration here. Or if you are one of those people who think elves are creepy – and constantly post about it on facebook as if those who do like them are freaks – maybe I will successfully freak you out.  Enjoy!

Silly guy made a snowman out of marshmallows, candy, & pretzels!

This day Snowflake brought my older girls toys in the little boxes ;)

This was possibly the girl’s favorite. While they were sleeping I snuck in and took photos of him with them – and printed them, and got the Barbie furniture out and arranged it so it looked like he had photos of them together on his nightstand. The little “toys” he is holding are actually holiday erasers from Walmart.

Sneaky little guy took a bite out of the cookies we baked!

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  1. Woow ! Snowflakes is EVERYWHERE ! THAT is creepy ! ^^
    You said you will do Christmas differently this year, what’s in your mind ?
    Take care !


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