About The Girl

Hey y’all! I’m Marcy Kay – & this is my awesome little corner of the world wide web, and has been since 2007, actually. In case you haven’t gathered from my nifty little sidebar thing-a-ma-jig to the right, I’m a proud mama of 4 little girls. They range in age from 1 to 8. They have naturally sunkissed skin & sweet little curls. They pretty much rock – & you are super lucky that I enjoy sharing their sweet faces with my friends & readers.

Here are a few recent photos of myself, all from October 2013, cuz I knoowwww you are curious as to who is the mastermind behind the random musings here.

I’m not good at summarizing myself in pretty little paragraphs. So I will just add a new bullet when something pops in my mind that I think you may want to know, K?

About the girl, bullet style:

  • I absolutely love all things crafty. And design. And photography. I am somewhat of an over achiever, failing miserably at achieving my ridiculously long list of goals. Speaking of lists, I love those. Maybe I should make a list of how I can make that a false statement, hmmm. I’ll get back to that at a later date.
  • It bothers me when people say they don’t care what others think of them. I do care what people think of me. Not in a “I wanna please everyone” sort of way though, but more in a way that I want to be a positive influence in every life that I touch.
  • I love the smell of coffee. In fact, I often times make some just for the aroma, even if I am not in the coffee-drinking mood. It helps me wake up in the mornings. The smell, not the coffee.
  • I only chew half a stick of gum at a time.
  • I have been guilty of wearing my pjs all day.
  • I don’t sleep well without a fan on.
  • I have 4 tattoos, that I often forget I even have. 2 of them on my back so, well, I never see them.
  • I joke around more than some people can handle, but that means I enjoy a good laugh. 
  • I am ridiculously honest because I hate being lied to.
  • I Love country music, action movies, & CSI type tv shows.


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