Wordless Wednesday – Instagram Style!


1.) Playtime! 2.) Purple resin rose necklace – $0.99! Couldn’t pass that up. 3.) Lunchtime! 4.) Finally got a new phone! And it’s WHITE! Squeee! 5.) New Shoes for Jazereigh & Makayla 6.) School Shopping! 7.) Jazereigh’s choice of backpack/lunchbox for this year 8.) Super cute shirt/skirt outfit I found for Dazlynn for $3.00! 9.) Dinner – YUMMO! 10.) Last minute trip to the commissary – because, ya know – heaven forbid we not have “meshy-yellow cereal” (aka lucky charms) for breakfast tomorrow.

Wordless Wednesday


{Semi} Wordless Wednesday


(This post is super duper image heavy, fair warning!) Remember this post, when I mentioned I would make it my mission to get lots of photos of me with the Jazzy & Makayla? Well, I think I’ve done fairly well on that mission so far. Tada! Saturday (Camera didn’t even get turned on on Sunday, Oops!) Monday Skipped Tuesday. Oops Again Wednesday Not to sure what the thumbs up was about… Cracking up… lol. Ranch on her face. Silly Girl And, just because, here are […]

Mobile Monday #04


<center><a href=”http://perpetuallove.net” mce_href=”http://perpetuallove.net” target=”blank”><img border=”0″ src=”http://i55.tinypic.com/2ldx7jt.png” mce_src=”http://i55.tinypic.com/2ldx7jt.png”></a></center> Big Messes, lotsa fun! Visiting Jazereigh at lunchtime! Favorite food at my favorite spot – French fries w/ ranch at Willies! Took this pic cuz I thought this was an odd way for a burger to come thru the drive thru… what do you think? It was pretty yummy though, no lie =)

Friday Confessional #06


I confess… that this is probably funnier to me than it should be… hehe. Don’t worry, this is the first time, and probably last time, this has/will ever happen, and of course it was fully supervised, lol. I confess… that of all the silly photo props I own, this one is my favorite (of the silly ones I said) I also confess… that this photo is probably going to be blown up fairly large and proudly displayed somewhere in my home…. not sure where yet, […]