Hello there, 6 am


I never thought I’d be able to say that I didn’t mind being up at 6 am. But every now and then when my sweet Dazlynn decides we need to be up early – I normally don’t mind. Jazereigh & Makayla are usually up by 8am – unless they stayed up late the previous night – which happens very rarely around here. So the time I have alone with my Little Cuddlebug is somewhat limited – and her little life is flying by so fast, […]

Since Becoming a Mom I’ve learned…

That it’s always handy to keep quarters on you at all times. This makes it so that you can bribe your kids to behave while you’re in the grocery store or wherever in exchange for a gum or candy from the machine or even a ride on the little bus in front. That the mom with the toddler with no shoes on that you normally judge and think “why doesn’t she have shoes on that kid!?” just might be a mom who would rather carry […]