DIY Marshmallow Fondant


A couple weeks ago, my hubby celebrated his 27th birthday. Pretty amazing, considering he had just celebrated his 17th when we first met! Anywho, I made this scrumptious cake for him – and posted it on facebook – and got some friends asking how I did it on facebook, so here’s a tutorial! Well, not on the cake baking process. But on the homemade fondant! So for this post, Makayla and I made Valentine’s cupcakes. We started out with these ingredients, plus a few others […]

Holiday Card Keeper


A few weeks back, I stumbled across this pin and I thought “Oh my, I must do this!”. I love keeping cards, and looking back on them and seeing the kind things friends said, and the photos and how much people have changed every year. What a neat way to keep them organized! Today, I sat down real quick and tossed something together. I knew I wanted mine a little more fun and decorative, and this is what I came up with! Cute, eh? I […]

DIY Tutorial: Easy Hairbows


Yesterday Jazereigh had pajama day at school. I am a big fan of my girls always having bows or flowers or something in their hair (probably stems from the fact that living with my dad as a single parent, my hair was always in a bob and I don’t remember even once having a bow in it, lol) but anyways – I realized while getting her ready we didn’t have any bows to match her jammies (I mean really, who plans on needing bows to […]