Monkey Monday – Nurserys


I figured for my first Monkey Monday post a nursery theme would be appropiate, considering how I am expecting and all. If you know me even a little, you probably know I love monkeys. Not the real ones, just the cute characters and stuffed animals. Real monkeys are quite opposite of what I find cute. Bleh. The fact that anyone can point to a real monkey and say “Aww how cute!” mystifies me. Anyhow. On to the said topic. I fell in love – I […]

Return Of the Absentee Blogger

Surprise, surprise! I know it has been awhile. My poor little site that used to be my addiction, has been neglected for months on end. Seems there is never any pause in my life. It just keeps going and going, faster than I said it could go. Although I admit sometimes it seems I have too much time on my hands, but majority of the time I can’t figure out where the day went, it just escapes me before I can accomplish all I had […]