Mom’s Mirror Makeover


With mother’s day now behind us, I figured this may be a good time to share a special project I finally completed. Long story short, my mom had this mirror. It was a cute mirror. Except she used it in her bathroom and it always had some of her – colorful to put it mildly – makeup. White mirror + makeup = not so cute anymore mirror. She passed away in May of 2011. When my brother, his wife and I cleaned out her apartment, […]

Scenic Route


Organizing photos, I stumbled across some neat photos I took on our move up to Washington back in November and feel like they are worth sharing. Keep in mind they are taken while driving on the highway (no, I wasn’t the one driving) so quality may not rock but I still love them. These were all taken somewhere between Idaho and Washington, lol. I thought this was really interesting. Being a southerner, I’d never seen something like this. My husband looked at me like I […]

Shutterfly Photobook


I got my first photobook from Shutterfly and just have to share it! This is not a sponsored post, just sharing something I absolutely adore! I had another coupon for a free 8×8 photobook (takes $29.99 off the price of any photobook 8×8 or larger pretty much) and made myself use it. I never seem to have an album ready to go when they give out those coupons. I put together an art album for my oldest with some random art of hers. It’s not […]

Park Fun!


Today we ventured out into the yucky, grimy weather that is most common in Washington. Well, I stand corrected. It wasn’t so yucky when we ventured out (or we probably would not have done so lol). We stopped by a local park that we had surprisingly never been to before, and the girls had a blast… until it started raining. Can you tell I am not super impressed with this state? Here are a few photos from today. Amyah isn’t in them, she was tucked […]

DIY Marshmallow Fondant


A couple weeks ago, my hubby celebrated his 27th birthday. Pretty amazing, considering he had just celebrated his 17th when we first met! Anywho, I made this scrumptious cake for him – and posted it on facebook – and got some friends asking how I did it on facebook, so here’s a tutorial! Well, not on the cake baking process. But on the homemade fondant! So for this post, Makayla and I made Valentine’s cupcakes. We started out with these ingredients, plus a few others […]