Chip Clips


You may, or may not have, heard of or seen Ikea “chip clips”, as I call them. Well, let me introduce you to these amazing little things. I guess it’s not that they are so “amazing” in general – they really aren’t better than any normal chip clip. However, it’s the affordability of them that makes me so fond. At $2.99 for a bag of 30, well it just can’t be beat, ya know? The funny thing is, in my home, they seldom serve their […]

First Days of School + Freebie Lunch Notes!


It’s been a couple weeks since I last posted, I know. We’ve been busy around here. We’ve had the beginning of the school year, soccer season, and amongst a few other things – we had a baby! Ha! I will get to that post in a couple days though. For today, I wanted to share some photos of my girls’ first day(s) of school & share a cute school-related freebie for you! Jazereigh had her first day of First grade August 23rd. She was so […]

Worth a Shot…


My sweet Baby D, she turns 11 months in 2 days. Can you believe it? We have had some funky weather lately. Like it rains everyday – literally. At random times. It will be sunny one minute and the next rain clouds in the sky. What gives, North Carolina? This morning I figured I would attempt to do some photos of my sweet girl while the sky was overcast and it wasn’t raining. I have a super cute prop set from The Little Crochet Shop […]

Wordless Wednesday – Instagram Style!


1.) Playtime! 2.) Purple resin rose necklace – $0.99! Couldn’t pass that up. 3.) Lunchtime! 4.) Finally got a new phone! And it’s WHITE! Squeee! 5.) New Shoes for Jazereigh & Makayla 6.) School Shopping! 7.) Jazereigh’s choice of backpack/lunchbox for this year 8.) Super cute shirt/skirt outfit I found for Dazlynn for $3.00! 9.) Dinner – YUMMO! 10.) Last minute trip to the commissary – because, ya know – heaven forbid we not have “meshy-yellow cereal” (aka lucky charms) for breakfast tomorrow.

My First Preschool – Traditional Scrapbook Layout


It’s official. My sweet little Makayla is enrolled in Preschool! She’ll be starting in September, 2 days a week – 3 hours a day. Not too much, but enough to give me a little time to run errands with just 2 babies (Dazlynn & Amyah whenever she makes her appearance) instead of 2 babies and a super active toddler. You may remember this post where I made the cover page for Jazereigh’s school scrapbook. Since Makayla is starting “school” I decided it was time to […]