Birthday Cupcakes!


My little one turned 2 yesterday (Friday). I was a little sad we didn’t have a party for her, but hoping to do one in the next couple of weeks with just my family. I’ve always wanted to be the cool mom that throws big birthday parties. But unfortunately with moving so much, seems I’ve never been able to make the real kind of friends that want to participate. Of course I’m more than happy to attend other parties and bring presents and help out, […]

Monkey Monday: Oo Oo Baby!


For this Monday’s “Monkey Monday” theme I decided to do tutus! More specifically, handmade monkey tutu sets. Can’t go wrong with that, right? Check out this adorable Monkey Birthday Tutu set from Tutti Cutesy Tutus on Etsy! Both of these cuties come from Nana’s Tutus on Etsy. She has several more monkey designs available, it was hard to choose just 2 to share! And last but not least, this customizable Funky Monkey Tutu from Hannah’s Tutus on Etsy. Were you featured on this post? Grab […]